Monday, February 18, 2013

You are your personal alarm system…

What is an alarm system?
 It is a set up your house or work has to bring awareness when trouble arises. It’s a scary thing when the alarm goes off. The loud startling sound brings panic and fear (which does not help the situation). As horrible as it seems when the alarm goes off remember it is a good thing. The alarm notifies you of danger, it makes you aware of something that can bring you harm. The best thing to do when the alarm goes off is acknowledge it. A lot of people just turn it off maybe check the house for a second then go back to bed or carry on with their busy lives. This can result in bad consequences.

We all have our personal alarm system. We all have different alarm systems; some have it more in their mind and some in their body and some in their soul.

When something bad is happening to you (which you may not even be aware is happening) something in you will trigger an alarm. This alarm can go off in any form, depends on who you are. It can be in the form of back pain, anxiety or bursting out in tears and not knowing why. The alarm goes off to bring you awareness to something that is not right and you need to pay attention.

If you have back pain maybe it means you are stressed. If you have anxiety maybe it means you are in a situation you don’t enjoy, if you cry maybe it’s a sign that you just need to simply release some emotion. Like I said before, alarms are unpleasant. So we quickly want to run and turn them off with Advil, antidepressants or any medication, or we ignore it by staying occupied and putting on a strong face even though an alarm is ringing loudly in our ears.

Be appreciative of this protective system we have. The alarm going off does not mean it’s the end of the world or that you are screwed and have to endure this horrible pain. It means wake up and do something about it! Attend to it! There is something in your life that isn’t right or that needs attention.

One of my alarms expresses itself in the form of a little back pain. I would always take Advil which masked it. But I realized it was my body saying “hey you are dehydrated, drink more water and stop carrying your stress in your shoulders” when I am stressed I raise my shoulders and after a while it gets tight.

Another alarm expresses itself in the form of worry and anxiety. But really it was my mind and soul saying “you are no longer happy in your current situation” . This is true I was working a job my heart was no longer in and it would cause me stress and anxiety.

I am now tending to these alarms by drinking more water and lowering my shoulder for my back. I moved on from my job to find something more fulfilling for my own happiness.

Listen to yourself be aware and take action. It is not always a quick fix and may be something that you will have to attend to for a long period of time but you will be better because of it. Don’t not fight against the alarm but tend to it.

Take care of yourself xo

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