Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Possibility a Day..

 Open yourself to one possibility a day. It is so easy for us to close ourselves off from change and opportunities without even knowing it. We do this by getting stuck in our daily routines, being lazy and being afraid of the unknown. By being open to new possibilities  you can meet new people, find a new passion by mistake, learn a small life lesson or become a better person. By no means am I saying make a career change or go to school or move to another country..start small and it will make a big difference.

We all have our routines, our ways of going about our day, our likes and dislikes. I recommend you shake your day up with something small and see what comes from it. When I say “something small” I am serious; being open to something small can bring something great into your life. For example I never drank water. I would have a coffee or tea during the day and maybe a couple sips of juice. I never thought anything of it, it’s just what I did. Friends would tell me “you need to drink water”  and I never cared to because I felt fine and never had the thirst for water. One day I decided I would drink two glasses of water a day just for the heck of it and see what happened. Well I now drink 4-5 glasses a day and feel great. I have more energy, less headaches and I find I now crave water rather than forcing it down because it’s good for me. I opened myself to one small possibility and I gained a large benefit.

What if today you randomly decided to go to the library and take out a book ? or went to a different place for lunch, called up a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, went to a yoga class, start a blog, volunteered, bake, have a conversation with someone at work that you have never talked to before or in my case simply drink a glass of water. You may be thinking “are you kidding me? Those things won’t bring anything great into my life” but your wrong they bring, a new friend, a new healthy habit, a new interest, an new experience bad or good and at the very least a different day from all the other days you have had.

A tiny step to finding freedom.

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