Friday, April 5, 2013

What to do what to do what do...

Well I have overcome a big obstacle being my job. My job i loathed  it was draining and occupied most of my days. I didn't have a chance to do my passions, I didn't even know what my passions were at the time. I had no clue what I liked. Since quitting my job I have really got into reading. I love a good book. If i find a book i like i can easily plow through it in 4 days. I like writing and I'm kinda good at it. I learned to crochet and have made a couple scarves and a blanket. I was also able to get back into volunteering at a animal shelter with the extra time I've had.

Now if i was rolling in the doe and didn't need an income I would be able to live this relaxed lifestyle. But unfortunately like the majority of the worlds population I need to work.

So now the question is "what to do?" and " How to do it?"

Education has become key in pursuing ones desired career path. But what if you went to school for the wrong field and didn't want to go back to school for 4 years in order to change your path. Can you become successful without the proper education? If your passion is strong enough can you make it? Adam Sandler did it, and he didn't even graduate high school. Is that because he had a deep passion and perused his dream or is it just luck?

There is so much pressure to be "successful" these days that sometimes you don't have  time to look into following your passion.  At age 18/19 you leave high school and are expected to know what you want to do with your life, so quickly you apply to school for a field you think you would like. You pay thousands an thousands of dollars for 4 yrs of schooling and its so busy with essays,tests, exams that you don't have a chance to second guess. After the 4 yrs you are in extreme debt finished school in a field your not sure about but go with because its what you put your time into. Then a couple years later you realize you finally find your passions and what you truly love doing but it seems too late.

This world sometimes spins so fast you don't have time to stop and think. But if you didn't have time to stop and purse what you really want how would you do it? Well that's what I am in the middle of doing. I gave up a great paying successful job because it not longer served me. I put the my world on hold and I'm taking a step back to try and find a path I'm more fond of. Whether its socially acceptable or not I'm doing it. It is a little scary and nerve racking but all i know is it wasn't working for me the other way by trying to keep up with the world so hopefully i find more peace and fulfillment this way. Now "all" I have to do is find out what I wan to do and how to get there. I wonder if I can go totally against the socially expected timeline of life and create my own success.

- Finding Freedom

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